No workers with tattoos
Wednesday, September 8, 2010 - 12:21 pm

I am wondering if anyone else is bothered by the trends of today like tattoos, piercings, clothes that expose backsides to much cleavage etc. I hate to date myself for fear of sounding old fashioned, but enough is enough. It seems that wherever you go, whether it be a restaurant or store, all you see are women exposing their cleavage or backsides (very unprofessional) or faces that are pierced and tattooed (both men and women). Come on employers, wise up! Is this who you hire to represent you? Ear plugs, rods in the lips and brows. Chests and backsides that leave nothing to the imagination? There are plenty of people who need jobs that don’t fall into these categories that can be hired. Get all the piercings you want as well as tattoos, but be discreet. I blame the employers for exposing us to this nonsense! It is a direct reflection on you!