No smoking, pets
Wednesday, November 17, 2010 - 12:36 pm

What would greatly upset me as a landlord is having a tenant who smokes. The second hand smoke affecting other tenants in the building along with the fire hazard putting people’s life at risk is more than enough to turn down such a rental applicant. Besides, how can you trust a smoker not to tamper with the smoke detectors? Then there is the odor that penetrates into the curtains, carpet, and furniture along with burn marks as a result of smoking. Every tenant that calls me to rent an apartment who has a pet states to me that theirs is clean, quiet, and trouble free. Having made the mistake of believing this in the past, I was essentially duped and have ended up with a ferret that has the worst stench of all, unbathed dogs, and cats who claw furniture. Knowingly renting to a vicious dog such as a pit-bull puts a landlord at risk for a lawsuit if there is an attack. The small pet deposit would do very little in this case as would having to (hopefully) clean up cat urine from carpet and pad. Once it is in the subfloor it becomes very costly to remedy.