No censorship; enjoys hunting and fishing photos
Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - 10:22 am

I understand that some folks feel disturbed by pictures of “dead animals” ("Not Impressed With Dead Animals On Home Page" Sound Off posted March 12, 2013) and I’m not always thrilled either. However, hunting and fishing is part of the culture of the North Country and it’s always nice to see that not only are the hunting and fishing traditions continuing, but that young people are being taught by their parents and grandparents. It’s great to see the faces of youngsters with their first trophy whether it’s a fish or deer or turkey. Please don’t allow people to censor your publications. Many of those that don’t like to look at pictures of such trophies have come from different cultures and don’t think twice about eating meat or fish. Others have chosen a meatless life style. And that’s okay. Just as it’s okay for those of us who choose to hunt and fish to do so. I choose to enjoy your hunting & fishing pictures. Those that don’t enjoy them don’t have the right to deny those that do. No censorship, please.