News accuracy
Friday, April 18, 2014 - 6:51 am

In response to “Content Most Important,” you say not many people care about a couple typos. Well, perhaps they would care if they arrived at an event on the wrong day/wrong location because the wrong date/address was published? Or perhaps the article is about someone you know, and their name and/or other pertinent information is incorrect. Well, don't tell the advertisers that "If you want more accurate news, go elsewhere for it..." If information is consistently incorrect, what about the ads that companies and businesses purchase to be in this website and publication? Do advertisers care about a couple of typos as long as the information is "passed on successfully?" Perhaps a competent proofreader is not a bad idea after all, or people will go elsewhere for their news and information. Then again, spell check can be your worst enema...oops enemy.