New York Power Authority audit unfair
Friday, August 30, 2013 - 10:32 am

I think that a couple of things are worth pointing out. When the attorney general’s office concluded that NYPA “pays 35% of employees more than $100,000,” the audit was for all NYPA, not just the Massena project. Everyone from the corporate executives in White Plains, to the Niagara Falls project, were included. A recent fact-finding survey conducted by CNN found that being a lineman is one of the 12 most dangerous occupations in America. You’re not going to recruit and retain quality employees for $30,000. Lastly, as the spouse of a salaried employee at NYPA who has been at the project 30 years, I can guarantee that the notion “a salaried person, by definition, only has to work when work is to be done” is hogwash. My spouse puts in more hours weekly than many hourlies do and is not entitled to the benefits (overtime, etc., and the take home isn’t near $100,000 per year). I for one am glad to have NYPA. They offer decent paying jobs and benefits. It behooves no-one to paint them, or all their employees, with one brush.