New Potsdam Town Hall too costly
Friday, November 23, 2012 - 10:04 am

So I drove by the new Town of Potsdam hall today and some things ran through my head that was supposed to make this building more convenient than 35 Market Street. Where is the parking at the new building? It appears out back or on the street. Not different from the old building. This building was supposed to be more handicapped accessible, and parking friendly. So, what if there is a backdoor near the parking lot? Are you telling me that the tax collector is sitting out back or in the front of the building? Why isn’t the courtroom in this building? Is it cheaper to maintain two buildings and not one? Why is there a full service kitchen and “banquet” hall in this building? There are enough places within the village to have baby showers, meetings and other gatherings without having to put one is this building. Once again the mayor and council members have gone overboard. Way to spend money now and in the future that the town doesn’t have.