Neutral is pro-wind
Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 7:41 am

Everyone in Hopkinton/Parishville, if you think you are neutral and are not attending meetings/signing petitions you are not neutral. You are helping the pro-industrial turbine leaseholders affect our area. We need as many people to attend meetings, have their voices heard, and sign petitions. By the reucsed-board members remaining on the board they are not neutral they are affecting how our laws are enforced. By remaining on the boards even though they cannot vote in any turbine decisions, they ensure that their recusal leads to a lack of majority. So even with neutrality they are affecting the outcome. This is a terrible thing that is happening to the area, our children, local ecology, and to the environment. Some leaseholders will not have to live near the turbines, either they live in the ADK Park or are moving out of the area. We are being used to make money for the wind company and for the minority who are leaseholders. This is unjust!