Negative campaigns
Thursday, November 11, 2010 - 12:52 pm

“Congratulations” to the election winners. The voting’s done and you’ve won! Now the real work begins. Since you never bothered to mention what you intended to do once elected, there’s nothing that you have to live up to. But you’ll have to work hard in the coming years to offset the months of negative campaigning, half-truths and lies that you’ve aired about your opponent. Oh, you didn’t say the words yourself, but you didn’t have the dignity to stop them. Certainly, the millions of dollars that were spent on TV ads, annoying street signs and telemarketing could have actually done so much for our communities, but you’ve sold your self to special interest groups. They will demand much from you in the coming months. So, congratulations! You may feel like a winner, but your campaigning has labeled you a loser.