Music too loud at event at SUNY Canton Family Weekend
Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - 10:56 am

My wife and I attended the SUNY Canton Family Weekend this past weekend. We enjoyed ourselves with one major exception. In the Miller Campus Center, where some if not most of the activities were taking place, I would like to know why there had to be such loud, blasting music emanating from the resident disc jockey. The music was so loud, that my wife literally could not hear me speaking to her as she was standing right next to me. Our 12-year-old daughter literally got sick and started crying from the pain in her ears and head caused by the music. We had planned to stay until the activities were scheduled to cease, but were forced to leave early, because none of us could literally think straight anymore. To the organizers of Family Weekend, this event is supposed to be just that, a family weekend, not a club rave. There were young children as well as elderly folks there all day long, and this music situation did not leave a good first impression. I hope the organizers reconsider their “entertainment” situation for next year.