Music dept. still big
Thursday, March 17, 2011 - 1:40 pm

With regard to the recent article “Music Cuts Feared at Potsdam” I have a few comments. Students will still have “tremendous opportunities” in music at Potsdam. The student-to-teacher ratio will continue to be the lowest in the area. The program will be as strong at the remaining department wants it to be. We will continue to “celebrate our championship programs” as much as we wish. “Life long skills like confidence, dedication, patients and focus” will still be as strong as the mind of the beholder. Many programs have been cut and even eliminated, before having the relatively large staffing in the music department trimmed. “I would hate to see this all go away,” It isn’t. It will still have by far the largest staff for an elective area. Let’s not make this seem more devastating than it is.