Multi-use trails in Colton
Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 7:01 am

I read that the three towns that surround the Brookfield Power access road from Colton to Browns Bridge have sent letters requesting to use that road for the county’s multi-use trail. I hope Brookfield listens. I went to the Brookfield meeting where they wanted to discuss the water use plan. It turned into a two hour session of people complaining about how Brookfield has operated in Colton and Parishville. A lot of people didn’t understand that Brookfield wasn’t responsible for a lot of the complaints. But perception is reality in these cases. Not only would this be great for Colton, it would also be a great public relations move for Brookfield to show support for our communities. The road was open to snowmobiles until a few years ago, and it was great for the businesses in Colton. I don’t remember there ever being an issue. Let’s go back to that, and show what an impact it will have.