Motorcycle noise not as bad as bass blasters
Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 11:56 am

To me, motorcycles are a welcome sign of summer but I understand not all people like to listen to them as they roar past. Personally I prefer to hear a loud motorcycle, especially if I happen to be out driving around. The sound has always alerted me to their presence when they are coming near me. I would much rather hear the engines than have to listen to the steady obnoxious booming from most people’s stereos. Earlier today I had a car three car lengths behind me blasting its bass so loudly it was literally rattling my rear-view mirror! Where are the complaints about that noise? I see way too many people complaining about motorcycles and not one person complains about the loud music coming from cars. Motorcycles are made to be loud. Why ride them if you can’t even hear them? Might as well drive a silver Volvo.