More voters needed in Potsdam School Board Election
Tuesday, May 22, 2012 - 12:34 pm

What a sad day it was again last week.

As I awaited the inevitable results of each school budget on the morning news, what a surprise it was to see each one passed.

For just a moment I had hoped that the communities would finally stand up and say “enough already” to the annual increase of school taxes we see each year with very little in return.

Once again the vote was flooded by people who are not taxpayers to offset the votes of those of us who are and once again have the budget passed. In a recent poll done by North Country Now, it was stated that 59 percent of voters would not vote the budgets in yet somehow each where won by a landslide.

Let the vote be cast by people who foot the bill. The taxpayers and lets put a stop on the spending spree that our school districts cherish year after year.