More speed zones than needed in St. Lawrence County
Friday, November 23, 2012 - 10:08 am

State Highway 56 is a major north/south transportation artery in our region, and yet, one is faced with a nine-mile stretch of highway from the Reynolds Road all the way to the bridge in Raymondville – where one is forced to drive between 30 mph to 45 mph. I can understand limits in the villages and hamlets, but those ridiculous speed limits past BOCES and Norwood-Norfolk Central School areas are not needed. Please, don’t argue that they are school zones and these speed zones are needed. There is not a single student walking to either of these schools. There are no sidewalks, therefore, no danger of some little kid straying into the roadway. Given the possibility that there might be a student pedestrian or bike rider going to one of these schools, what makes them any different than any other pedestrian or bike rider on any of our roads? At most times traveling on this route is like being in a holiday parade one is traveling so slow. It is time to get the State DOT to eliminate these unneeded speed restrictions.