More money, more jobs?
Tuesday, July 3, 2012 - 12:53 pm

To the writer of ”Wage hike bad idea?” (North Country This Week, June 27-July 3). Actually, studies show that when the minimum wage is raised, the result is usually more jobs, not less. You’re right in saying your “measly paycheck should go up.” The wages of American workers have been falling since the 1970s, which is a major (usually unmentioned) cause of our Great Recession. Fifty million Americans now need food stamps in order to eat, and of those who are adults, the great majority work. Corporations love stuffing their pockets with the super profits they make from paying low wages. So stand with the minimum wage worker you mention, and raise your voices together for pay that reflects your real economic value. You, and most other American workers, deserve a big raise. Indeed, that’s the only thing that will save our economy, and the American Dream.