Massena has a nuisance cat problem
Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 7:33 am

What is wrong in Massena that no one is interested in the stray, roaming cat population that is out of control? We have called the town, the mayor, the humane shelter, the state Department of Health district office, and the public health town office. Let’s solve it once and for all. No one seems to know how to effectively limit the cat population that is not cared for by their owners. We feed one that belongs to our ‘neighbors’ across the street; he is starving and disease ridden. They have had a visit from my husband and still the problem persists. If more people stood up to those elected and said ‘enough’ perhaps we wouldn’t have them begging for food and pooping on our properties (cats, not the elected officials). Anyone interested in doing something, give me a shout out so we can live a cat-free-nuisance-life, those of us who do not want a cat pet.