Many readers upset with change in Potsdam radio station's format
Wednesday, May 29, 2013 - 3:37 pm

Editor’s note
Several readers wrote to complain about changes at WPDM and WSNN in Potsdam, which has new owners. A sample of comments is below. The new mangement at the radio stations said that once they complete transition to new studios and offices, regular local newscasts will return. See story on front page.

No news on 99 hits?

I have never sent in a Sound Off entry until now. The new radio format on 99Hits is the worst. Listening to it at my usual 6 a.m. time, I had hoped to hear the national and local news, as well as the weather. Nothing! 80s music, really? I looked online for an email for the new owners to no avail. We need a radio station in this area that has local news, especially for school closure announcements. Please voice your concern readers in any way you can to this new owner. Maybe they will hear our voice. 

Changes to local radio

Has anyone else noticed the change on the radio for 99 Hits FM? Where do we tune into for news for Potsdam? I dislike the new station taking away the news. Music is great, but put the news back on.

Local radio news missing

Where is our 99 Hits FM. I woke up this morning to 80s music which is fine but none of our news reports or normal radio features. For years you could count on consistency from this station. You have ruined my mornings. Boo.