Manners 101
Tuesday, June 10, 2014 - 7:05 am

In response to “Learn To Cook”, are you kidding me? Nothing is more annoying that having a kid, running around screaming while I’m out paying for a nice dinner. No, I do not think it’s cute or adorable. You should be ashamed not only of your kid but mostly of yourself; as you do not have the decency to remove the child and bring him/her home. Have you heard about a thing called parenting? Teaching your child not to misbehave in a public place and being respectful of others around them is manners 101. If you can’t control your child, take them somewhere where it only affects you. That is the monster you created, now deal with it, and perhaps teach them how to be respectful of others. While you are teaching your monster, look in the mirror as well, perhaps you to can be taught.