Making mistakes?
Monday, December 4, 2017 - 7:27 am

Today’s life seems to want to protect everyone from everything. During my childhood we were able to play with friends unsupervised. If someone acted as a bully to me, I had two choices: stand up for myself or allow it to happen. We all grew up with growing pains of puberty. We made mistakes along the way but learned to live with them later in life. Where are we headed in today’s life environment? Some people want controls on every aspect of bullying. Today sexual harassment seems to be a one-way street…destroying a man’s character and livelihood without any proof…just accusations. When will men start accusing powerful women of sexual abuse on the job front? There has been a long-lived belief that a woman can make it to the top by lying on her back in the corporate world. I was passed over for a promotion because of this practice. Maybe we should slow down a bit…take a deep breath and ask ourselves: Are we making a mistake?