Majority against wind
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - 12:40 pm

In response to “Group Accused of Spreading Falsities” which appeared in the April 11-17 issue of North Country This Week: The chairman of North County for a Brighter Future counters the opposition’s claim that they hold the majority opinion. Ask any person who was at the Hopkinton public meeting March 28 — people in opposition to the wind project was 85-90 percent of the people in attendance. The small portion of remaining wind supporters need to come out of denial – the conversation is over the majority of people in the county, school district, and town of Hopkinton all of who are to be affected by this project have come to a decision. They want safe set backs and no wind turbines south of 72 – just the very wind law that the majority of the town board drafted along with help of the wind advisory board. It is time for the wind company to go find a new home for their project.