Lyme epidemic
Wednesday, August 9, 2017 - 7:27 am

Ticks in St. Lawrence County are numerous this year. My family has had quite a few. It is very frustrating because the doctors/family practitioners in this area are completely ignorant, for the most part, about the intensity of this issue. Most are still under the impression that it takes 24 hours to transmit, there is no talk about co-infections, they still believe the tests are useful tools, and they do not treat correctly. This population is going to have, if it doesn't already, a population of chronically ill folks who have lyme and either do not know it, or do and realize there is nothing that can be done unless you have deep pockets and a knowledgeable doctor who is willing to go the extra mile. The CDC is not the end all folks. Check out the information at And for doctors: please get adequate training, become Lyme literate- you owe it to your patients. This is not a “one prescription” fits all problem and it cannot be ignored. Do not tell them to wait for the rash, as they might not get one (around 20% do). Check out the ILAD guidelines for diagnosing and treatment- see how yours measures up. And for those who doubt this area has an issue check out: Paul Hetzler is clearly doing his homework. As someone who has had four embedded ticks, I would hope this issue moves to the forefront of every physician's minds.