Loud motorcycles not safe
Friday, July 20, 2012 - 2:07 pm

My muffler fell off my car a couple years back and I got a ticket for “excessive noise.” I would appreciate it if the police agencies would extend the same courtesy to the motorcycle riders that feel the need to have extremely loud exhaust pipes. If you believe that “loud pipes save lives” you are fooling nobody but yourself. Most of you don’t even wear protective gear. Half helmet (often not Department of Transportation approved), T-shirt, jeans, yet you think that your loud exhaust will save you. After many thousands of miles on a motorcycle that is quieter than many cars, I can assure you that not once did I think “boy would it be a lot safer if this thing were so loud they could hear me from the other side of town.” Ride like everyone else on the road is actively trying to kill you, and you will be fine. People in cars can’t hear the loud pipes until you are right next to them or directly in front anyway, so this whole thing is just completely baffling.