Loud motorcycles not necessary
Friday, July 18, 2014 - 10:21 am

In response to Sound Off submission about motorcycles being loud or visible, that’s secondary; first and foremost, all cyclists should obey the laws, drive defensively, be considerate and use common sense. The same rules and laws apply as driving a car. I have a near lifetime of motorcycling behind me, ranging from the California to the Adirondack Mountains and many places in between. I never had an accident and enjoyed each and every inch of road, sand and dirt I covered in a 30-year reign. It is so dumb to think that motorcycle noise does anything but annoy people around them when it’s too loud. All a loud bike does is make every firing stroke of the cylinder more obnoxious to those it bothers. Then again, there is legal noise, and there is illegal noise too.

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