Loud ATVs
Thursday, September 7, 2017 - 7:27 am

Myself, and numerous neighbors, live on the Gulf Road in Colton. For months now we have been forced to listen to some people driving their fancy "monster" trucks with highly modified, or no exhausts, up and down our road. This goes on every day, all day long. We are sick of it! If they are not making noise with their trucks, they are making noise with their four wheelers, three wheelers, or, UTVs...all of which have modified or no exhaust systems. The latter "toys" are not even supposed to be on the public roadway. And, the speed limit means nothing to them either. They drive at high speed all of the time. Calls to the police have lead to no action. The standard reply from the police is "we would have to catch them on the road doing it," or, "we don't have four wheelers in order to catch them." When asked if they could at least come and patrol and watch for them - in order to "catch them on the road" - the answer has always been "we are really busy." That is no answer in my opinion. Apparently, Colton is wide open when it comes to the law, one can do whatever they want on the road? Where is our protection? Who in authority do we contact to get action on this problem?