Lottery and casinos just another way to tax New Yorkers
Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 3:24 pm

Here we go, Governor Cuomo wants to draw more money from us to feed New York City schools. Upstate needs more jobs like they need more oxygen,” yeah, right. So build us casinos? As it is, you have to wait in lines at checkout counters in gas stations and even drug stores while imbeciles give their hard earned or sometimes welfare paychecks back to the state via lottery tickets. You can’t smoke on county property here, and you will witness a huge campaign to keep cigarettes out of the view of minors, yet every store that has lottery tickets has the best display area in the store. Maybe gambling doesn’t cause cancer, but is a far more addictive habit that causes more pain in a household than a pack-a-day expenditure. I’ve complained in numerous stores that they should have a register for “lottery tickets only” and so have others. One clerk in an all night service station said, “You should see how many people come here between 3 and 4 a.m. and stand here and buy ticket after ticket.” Someone once said “The lottery is a volunteer tax, you voluntarily hand your money over to the state.” Aren’t we taxed here enough? We’ll get more oxygen if you remove the tax burden from our chests... So yeah, let’s put casinos all over New York state up here where jobs are scarce and your best hope is to get a winning ticket, “Hey, Ya never know”. People, your best bet is to “get outta here” and head south where there is no Albany and no leeches. But if you love the North Country lets change the powers that be. Can all of “upstate” secede from NYC and Albany? We are getting taken, folks.