Looking forward to summer slow-down in Potsdam, Canton
Monday, May 21, 2012 - 10:56 am

I just read the article, just posted about how business drops off for businesses in Canton and Potsdam when students go home for the summer.


Is this news? It's always been the pattern, it drops in summer and picks up in the fall.


Is there really nothing else to write about in all of the North Country?

I find it astonishing how many news stories here and from other local sources do nothing more than state the obvious and usually with horrible puns or cliche.

Get a grip and go out and find a story worth writing about. How about something about local establishments working to bring in tourist dollars in this crappy economy.

The summers are beautiful here and for the many who work at local colleges serving all of those students who go home for the season, it is a welcome relief.

We love the lower traffic flow and quiet evenings of summers in Canton and Potsdam.