Live and let bike
Wednesday, June 2, 2010 - 2:05 pm

I am writing in response to the Sound Off “Spring Noise” (April 7-13) that criticizes “motorbikes” and their “noise pollution.” First of all, these “show-offs” raise thousands of dollars for charity every single year by participating in bike runs. How much money have you contributed to your local charities? I should probably also mention the money that they are contributing to local businesses on those runs. These bikers are really not hurting anyone. Sure their bikes are loud, but you only hear them for less than a minute. While you are sitting at home complaining about the loud noise, these bikers are out spending money and helping our struggling upstate New York economy. You mention our “expensive police force” that is making us “pay these high taxes,” but the police force probably wouldn’t have to be so ridiculously big if people would just mind their own business and stop all of the complaining. Live your own life, and let others live theirs.


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