Let Sheehan build
Tuesday, September 21, 2010 - 11:57 am

Once again Potsdam is dragging it’s feet. Mr Sheehan has a go ahead from his customer to build a dollar building and the powers that be can not expedite the process. A commercial building will fit in appropriately in that area. The hospital just did a grand renovation of the former St. Mary’s school, making it look attractive and keeping it on the tax roll for years to come. A regional office for NYSUT would provide years of revenue for Potsdam. Someone will have to maintain the building and grounds, teachers and others will travel to this office for business. They will most likely spend money on food and shopping while in town. I understand that some people have suggested other sites, the village commerce park and the downtown Clarkson buildings. If the customer wanted it built there they would be applying for a building permit for that location. Let’s stimulate the economy, not stifle it.