Leave Norwood boat launch for boaters, use the beach
Wednesday, July 14, 2010 - 2:15 pm

Regarding the boat launch at Norwood Lake (“Tried To Launch A Boat,” June 9-15, and “Nice Beach Up The Road,” June 16-22): We recently purchased a boat and thought it would be great to see Norwood Lake. Well it is certainly a nice launch and even better it has a dock! Only thing is when we go there it is crowded with cars taking up the parking spaces. Then we have to contend with the swimmers (usually little ones with not much adult supervision) and teenagers lying on the dock. Next we have to worry about the dogs running around behind our boat as we are backing into the water. Now here is the kicker, we have to step around manure as the Amish are there cooling off their horses. People are oblivious to the rather small “no swimming” sign and apparently have no idea that there is a beautiful, free public beach less than a half- mile away. Please let the boaters have the launch for their boats, for your safety as well as ours.


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