Leash your dog
Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 7:37 am

This is to the young woman jogging on Stevie’s trail Wednesday morning around 8 a.m. Your “friendly” unleashed dog ran halfway across the school field to bark and growl at two dog-friendly adults walking in the opposite direction. I felt threatened by your dog, and you clearly did not have control over him. When you finally arrived to leash him, not only did you not apologize, but your behavior implied that we were unreasonable in being cautious. What if this had happened to a child? You were out at the same time that many Lawrence Avenue Elementary kids walk to school. We are lucky to have Stevie’s trail, and it is a great place to walk your leashed pet. If you would like to allow your dog to run un-tethered, please contact the Potsdam Humane Society to see how you can be involved in developing the new dog park.


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