Kudos to Public Works
Friday, December 20, 2013 - 7:38 am

In response to “Public Works Vandalizes Beautiful Plants,” I believe that the town has an easement along roads and a responsibility to keep that easement clear so they can plow. That is why they clear brush and trees that could hinder their plows and mowers. It is incumbent upon property owners to not plant trees or shrubs that could cause problems. I have long believed that our town’s crews do a great job of keeping us as safe as possible. I had to allow some beautiful trees to be cut because they were too close to power lines and I knew they could cause problems. We do not live in a region where trees, shrubs and other plantings can be put in without thinking about the easements and power lines. I want to thank the good men that do our plowing and mowing for their work. You are valued and I wish you a fine holiday season.


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