Kids can handle it
Friday, March 2, 2012 - 1:31 pm

“Too Little, Too Late” response (Sound Off, Feb. 15-21): 1) You’re on a college campus. Are you going to walk through the library and object to students studying too late at night? Are you in Club 99 to tell students, alumni and others that they are drinking too much? 2) Hockey is a high-energy, physical sport. Adrenaline gets the best of players, coaches and fans. If one is so worried about their precious, fragile children, there must be golf or tennis match you can attend. Great role models like John Daly and Serena Williams play those sports, right? 3) You obviously can’t handle the complexity of the environment. I went to college hockey games before I was even ten years old. I heard things chanted at the refs and other teams in a certain barn in Troy, NY. I needed no therapy afterward. You stay home; I’ll be at the game with my kids.