Justice should be served
Wednesday, December 29, 2010 - 11:39 am

In response to “Opposes Third Oxley Trial” (Sound Off, Dec. 22-28), I am certain that the family members and friends of Mr. Trickey would take strong issue with you on that. Yes, the first two trials have been expensive to taxpayers. Yes, there has obviously been some sort of disconnect, ill-preparedness, or ineptness in the prosecutor’s office/case, and hopefully they have learned something from the first two trials. However, I think we can come up with much better, equally current, examples of taxpayer money waste, rather than seeking justice for one of our citizens brutally bludgeoned to death in his own chair. I don’t know Mr. Oxley or Mr. Trickey, and have no dog in this fight, but let’s not lose sight of the big picture here. If it were my son or brother, I would want the full support of the community, and expect our officials to do everything they could. I’m reminded of Bobby DeLaughter’s famous closing argument in the Medgar Evers murder trial, “Is it ever too late to do the right thing?”