Industrial wasteland
Monday, April 10, 2017 - 9:31 am

Thank you for poisoning our wells, windy days smelling like silage/feces, polluting our land/water/air with pesticide/herbicides/fertilizers (known carcinogens), dead plants/trees around fields (next to roads/homes/wells where people walk/live with their children). Thank you for the loud mill machinery running 6 days/week until 6 p.m. overshadowing sounds of the forest. Thank you for clearing all the trees along the roads (11b, 72, Middle road), creating snowdrifts that cover the roads and making them hazardous. Thank you for the view of cows standing in their stalls waiting for slaughter (never grazing, or being out in nature). Those cow’s lives do not matter so feed them disgusting silage, deprive them of affection, give them a small hard space to lie, yell at them when they do not move, and when they die leave their bloated body out front by the road. Lastly thank you for deciding for all Hopkinton residents that we should live in an industrial turbine wasteland.