Incentives wrong
Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - 12:52 pm

The proposed policy to give students at least a 50 for assignments that are not turned in certainly can hurt the students who do turn their assignments in. It sounds to me if a student doesn’t turn anything in, he gets a 50. On the other hand, if a student who does the work, turns in his assignment, but doesn’t do well on the assignment, s/he can also end up with a 50. Where is the rationale in that? Why discourage a student who does the work and encourage the one who doesn’t? If I did the work and ended up with a 50 and someone else didn’t do anything and ended up with a 50, what incentive would I have to do the assignment next time? Why does the “system” keep “covering up” the real problem with students instead of working with them to find out why they got the 0 in the first place?

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