Improper industrialization
Friday, June 29, 2018 - 10:26 am

I am grateful for everyone who participated in the regional protection of our environment, community, health, safety, and well-being in Hopkinton. By standing together, educating ourselves, and working cooperatively, we accomplished what other towns have been unable to. I hope that all areas who are improperly sited for industrialization will be able to follow our example and defend against such a threat. I also hope that those who blindly support industrial projects will begin to understand there is more involved than meets the eyes or ears. The North Ridge Wind Project was not appropriate for this area for numerous reasons. We must come together as a society and work toward being a more sustainable one with regard for nature and health over profit. We must look behind the titles and LLCs, research what disasters plague these industries, investigate the long-term effects which linger, and prevent foreseeable impacts. Together we can move forward to actually accomplish our goals of being a more environmentally conscience population. Thank you Hopkinton, Parishville, and the community at large for supporting our efforts!