I-98 and Route 11, beneficial projects for North Country
Friday, May 25, 2012 - 1:00 pm

Every week I read in the Sound-Off about the ongoing debate of Route 11 vs. I-98. I’m a firm believer that we need both projects.

Fix Route 11 now, and plan for the future, which needs a highway that can handle more traffic at higher speeds as more development takes place in the North Country.

What is most troubling to me is the false statements that are made time and again by the YesEleven group and in the latest soundoff I’ve read titled “I-98 not needed, Route 11 works,” “As far as the government is concerned, Interstate 98 doesn’t even exist on paper.”

That statement has been repeated several times but it is false.  

The project is not listed as “Interstate 98” but it is on the list of high priority corridors.