How about Snell lawn?
Friday, October 1, 2010 - 12:43 pm

I used to be a frequent visitor to the Potsdam Farmer’s Market, due to its convenience of being right along the road. Now that it is set much further back in the parking lot, I often forget about it until it is too late, or decide to walk to the co-op instead. Although I appreciate the hard work that people have been contributing towards promoting the new location, I wanted to suggest a possible alternate. Since Clarkson has been demonstrating such a community-centered mission as of late (by opening up Old Snell Hall to local businesses and arts programs), I wonder if anyone has asked the university if they would be open to the idea of having the farmer’s market on their front lawn. The location is almost too good to be true, as it has both street and lot parking, is across from the library, museum, and town offices, and is extremely visible from multiple roads. If it were in that location, I would be passing it every day and wouldn’t be able to resist buying some delicious Amish cookies!