Hospital hamper
Thursday, November 30, 2017 - 7:39 am

I recently found it necessary to call our doctor's office and change our email to our junk email address and change our phone number to our fax/answering machine line to avoid the constant interruption of calls (3 per day, twice a day, 3 days in a row) from CPH asking for survey participation or advising me of flu season/shots available. When we provide our phone number and email to the doctor office, it is not for any other purpose than to contact us regarding our appointments and test results. In addition to the systematic lack of efficient scheduling of appointments and extended waiting room time, this is yet another form of disrespect toward clientele and further waste of our time. Believe me, if I am not satisfied, CPH won't have to wait for survey results, but most assuredly will know before I leave the doctor’s office - and if I want a shot, I will ask for one of my own volition. In addition, my time is just as valuable as the CPH staff time, so if you keep me waiting an unreasonable amount of time, I leave and you do not get paid. In fact, I should be allowed to bill you for compensation of unnecessary time missed on the clock. Understandable that some situations warrant delays, but this is a systematic issue for CPH clinics and doctor offices, not an isolated incident.