Hold politicians accountable
Monday, April 1, 2013 - 9:55 am

In the wake of Andrew Cuomo's hastily passed and inaccurately named SAFE Act, and previously the Obamacare medical socialization plan, observations follow on governance and truth. Obama and Cuomo each espoused letting voters know about pending legislation in the time for feedback to representatives. What a crock that was. Instead, Nancy Pelosi states that they needed to pass the bill to sow what was in it. As anticipated, it is an economy killer, doctor’s want out; medical investors lose entrepreneurial incentive, and actuaries see the cost curve climbing like a homesick angel. With 26-year-old children being covered, folks with preexisting health problems in rating pools with athletes, and less choice in option selection, who would wonder? Here the, (un) SAFE Act made officers’ arms illegal, and mandated magazines not yet being made. Brilliant! Politicians lack sense, courtesy and decency. Hold them accountable.