Higley needs bathroom
Monday, May 7, 2012 - 3:28 pm

In regards to “$275,000 bathroom” (May 2, Sound Off) My family does NOT find it ridiculous to put a new bathroom in at Higley - the old bathroom facility has been there since it opened in 1969. NYS regularly gives a lot of other state parks monies to update their campgrounds and bath facilities. It’s about time they did something for Higley Flow State Park. They are often left at the bottom of the list and left out of any updates. Usually the regular workers (like Tim) do the work for updating unless it is something more sophisticated that he/they can’t do. This park is beautiful and gets a good turnout all summer long. Let’s keep it updated so it remains as nice as Cole Creek or Barnhardt. Thank you NYS - for once I agree with you.