Health system to blame
Tuesday, March 8, 2011 - 1:05 pm

The question, or rather attack, about teacher health benefits is getting old. Let me educate you on exactly how teachers got this benefit. The economy was tough and, once again, districts came to the teachers and asked them to help, which they gladly did... “for the good of the students, as so many like to say.” Just how did they help? Districts couldn’t afford to pay teachers and instead offered to provide free health care to them.  Teachers accepted this, which is why their salaries are below those holding similar degrees.  Now, however, the same concession teachers made to save districts and taxpayers money has become something for which they are attacked. So, the next time you question why teachers have the benefits they do, please remember it’s because they saved you money and that you are really upset with the corrupt system of healthcare we have.