Hats off to Canada
Friday, September 8, 2017 - 7:28 am

I recently went on a fishing trip into Ontario, Canada with some friends. Both on the way up and back I was overtaken by all the Canadian flags flying on homes and businesses. Canadians are so proud of their country and also their properties. Everything is meticulously cared for and well kept. Their infrastructures are also very well kept. I travelled 350 miles of rural roads and never saw a police car. I don’t know what Canadians are doing but they’ve got it right. Crossing over the bridge into St. Lawrence County I then saw our infrastructure in shambles. Homes in disrepair, junk vehicles and trash in yards, vacant businesses and many eyesores. There are many that do take pride in their properties and country. But not enough. Let’s not forget all the state troopers scurrying about drawing on our tax system. So let’s see some American flags and take pride in yourself and country. My hats off to Canada for getting it right.