Half days, half the results
Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 6:39 am

The recent posting titled “Half Days to Save Money” is so poorly thought out, I felt it necessary to respond. As both an educator and a father, I have to ask: what is that submitter thinking? Does (s)he believe half days would benefit anyone? Our children would receive half of their time in schools. Not to mention the impact to their social and personal development! The parents in our community would almost certainly incur increased child care costs, as many of the families in our communities have two working parents or are single parents who can’t afford to take half days from work. This would reduce the household income in our community and increase the mandatory expenses for maintaining a household. This would have very a far-reaching impact on our small businesses, and increased demand in our already spread-thin welfare programs. The teachers, too, would suffer. Are they to be reduced to half pay for half time? Certainly the state will not stand for half scores on mandated exams, though?