State Education Department creates website to report cheating, St. Lawrence County parent says
Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - 2:41 pm

With New York State tests occurring in the following weeks, I thought that I, as a St. Lawrence County resident and parent, would let people know that there is a new website that is available to report allegations of misconduct that could occur during the state testing.

The New York State Education Department’s newly developed Test Security Unit is responsible for ensuring the security and integrity of New York State assessments. Anyone (school districts, educators, parents, students, and the public) can submit allegations of cheating.

Examples of possible test fraud by educators include but are not limited to, the following (from the NYSED Website):

• Giving a student more time to take the test than is allowed for that student under State regulations.

• Defining or explaining for a student words, concepts, or questions, contained in the test.

• Suggesting answers to a student or otherwise coaching a student during testing.

• Commenting on an answer a student has provided on the answer sheet while the test is in progress.

• Allowing a student to alter exam answers after the student has handed in his/her test materials.

• Altering a student’s answers after the student has handed in his/her test materials.

• Improperly inflating a student’s valid, earned test score in order to help the student pass the exam.

• Making any attempt to improve a student’s test score during scoring, recording, or reporting.