Goose rescue was safe
Tuesday, March 1, 2011 - 12:02 pm

In response to the posting “Goose Rescue Risky” (Sound Off, Feb. 16-22): I did not see a single news article stating these two women went out on the ice and risked their lives to save this goose. You have a very creative imagination. The fact is, the goose was rescued from the shore. No risk of falling through the ice. No danger to the police or the great men and women that serve our local volunteer fire and rescue departments. These two animal lovers were in the right place at the right time allowing them the opportunity catch this “domestic,” yes, domestic goose, and get him the veterinary attention that he needed. It is very sad that someone blind to the facts would criticize these two women for exercising common sense, and waiting until this bird was in a location that would not put them in harm’s way before approaching. Shame on you.