Good times at Potsdam Walmart
Friday, June 28, 2013 - 2:46 pm

I was in the Potsdam Walmart the other day with my three-day-old daughter. I am a first time breast-feeding mother, so I am a little uncomfortable and shy about breast-feeding still. However, my daughter started to fuss and I knew that it was feeding time. I grabbed my car keys from my husband to go feed her in the car, hidden under a blanket, then I walked past the Fitting Room section of the store. I shyly asked the young woman behind the counter if she minded if I breast fed my daughter in one of the fitting rooms. She simply replied “absolutely not! Go right ahead! I am a very proud nurser.” It made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and I was able to feed my daughter without having to hide. Once I was done, I walked out and couldn’t find the very kind woman to express how grateful I was for it being her behind the counter that day... so if you’re the woman I am talking about.