In good hands
Monday, October 18, 2010 - 12:12 pm

We recently adopted a sweet, fluffy, buff-colored, neutered, 3-year-old male cat from Potsdam Humane Society. He was taken in Aug. 2 from Potsdam as a stray who suffered severe flea infestation and ear mite problems. They treated him and restored him to good health. He is a beautiful, loving cat who is extremely well behaved and affectionate. We are happy to have him in our home where he will be loved and well cared for. I cannot help but think he may have belonged to someone who might be missing him. If someone out there lost this cat, I want you to know he is in good hands now. If he was abandoned for some reason or another, shame on you. I will continue to support Potsdam Humane Society and their efforts to educate and promote responsible pet care.