Giving hunters bad name
Monday, February 27, 2017 - 10:18 am

In response to the Feb. 15-21 article “Coyote Hunter Says Dogs Necessary,” I would like to say that I also have hunting dogs, and also own property. I like Mr. Gagner do not like someone else's dogs running on my property, as they disrupt the natural existence of the resident wildlife. I do not have a problem asking permission or finding public land vast enough to run my dogs without disrupting or encroaching on private properties. Mr. Gagner is not the first person to have a run in with Joe Babbitt. He seems to be bringing a bad name to local houndsmen. I agree the coyote population needs to be kept in check, but I don't believe this is Babbitt's reasoning, being a local outfitter I believe it is the kill/money he cares more about.