Give sheriffs cars
Friday, June 4, 2010 - 3:47 pm

Some legislators are taking issue with the sheriffs’ use of their vehicles and even whether the sheriffs need the vehicles they have. They also are questioning the wisdom of having sheriffs bring the vehicles home with them. There are so many reasons why this is necessary. Have any of you that have an issue with any part of the Sheriff’s Department have any experience in law enforcement? As a county taxpayer, I insist legislators drop all your concerns and let the Sheriff’s Department do what they do best, to protect and assist the citizens of our county. So many times some of you legislators have turned a deaf ear to the wishes, requests and needs of the department. Don’t begrudge approving two new vehicles with your uninformed posturing. I recall not long ago you were ready to approve $100,000 to study uses for the old jail space, that you took almost three decades to vacate and build a new jail. You could buy eight new vehicles with that.

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